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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Power Rangers Samurai Lego: Luck or Coincidence?

Let me tell you an interesting story about luck and/or coincidence. One day I was stumbled upon this interesting Power Rangers Samurai Lego. There are a total 8 of them but you cannot choose which one you will get. So they are all packed separately in an identical packaging. You buy one, open, and see which one you get. This is the lists:
So you can see on above pictures that there are 8 of them:
The red one is the ULTRA RARE.
Gold, pink, and dekker are the RARE.
The 2 ninjas, blue, and mooger is the COMMON one.
I first bought one and guess which one I got: MOOGER. The not only COMMON, but also the worse among all common. You see, Mooger is just the enemy's minion.. I did not even get the ninjas or the blue ranger. So sad.

I then decided to buy one more time. This time I asked my girlfriend to buy one for me. She got the ULTRA RARE Red Ranger. I'm like what the........ Is this coincidence? Does she possess the ultimate luck while I'm not? Hmmm...

 Few days later, I decided to buy one more time, hoping that at least I get a RARE item. Well, I do not need another ULTRA RARE right. So I am just hoping to get a RARE one. I got a COMMON Blue Ranger.

 Oh well, at least is better than a Mooger yeah?

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Typical Characteristics of a Middle Born

Middle borns are able to get along with most people and to restore social harmony when conflict arises.

Middle borns are easily persuaded by others, and most likely to give in to peer pressure.

Middle borns are more likely to have an accurate view of what they can achieve, and to be able to set realistic expectations for themselves.

Middle borns are likely to excel in slightly more creative ways - sport, art, music, for example.

Middle borns are often the first child in the family to leave home, or at least the one who leaves home at the youngest age.

Middle borns are more likely than others to take up 'causes' and to support 'crusades' for the downtrodden.

Middle borns often express their individuality in unusual ways, particularly during adolescence.

Middle borns are frequently plagued by a lack of direction, in part because they have trouble recognising what they really want.

Important notes on choosing a partner:
- you partners are lucky! Because of your long history of negotiating (sibling) conflict and making compromises for the sake of others, most people find you easy to get along with.
HOWEVER, your malleability could bring with it some problems. If you never stand up for yourself, never hold your position firmly, it's possible that your partner will lose some respect for you. He or she might also start taking advantage of your defence, and after a time you might feel that your needs are totally ignored.

By Linda Blair

Monday, February 13, 2012

Today is the worst day of my life..

1. I screwed up the last exam of my undergraduate life..

2. Super tiring day at work

3. I busted my laptop

4. Fight with gf..

5. No longer have internet. Discountinued one in my current apartment, no internet yet at my new one.

Sigh.. more explanation to come..

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A picture worth a thousand words

This was taken after the final match of the Australian Open 2012 in which the world number 1 (Novak Djokovic, right) beat the world number 2 (Rafael Nadal, left) in 5 sets which was turned out to be the record of longest match of 5 hours and 53 minutes. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

All bets are OFF!

This is just something I wanna let it out of my mind. Why do you wanna bet on something when you do not even want to pay your bet? It's stupid. It's silly. It's ridiculous. 

So this is the story. I have a friend who I used to bet on who will win the match (in lieu of the Australian Open). But every time I win, she never wants to pay the bet. That just irritates my ass.

I mean, why, why would you agree on a bet if you don’t wanna pay it? Yet when I lose, you gladly take every opportunity to caress me into paying my debt. Bleargh! Unfair! Cunning! Sly!

I mean what makes the game interest is if you bet on it. I don’t mean financially, it can be in a form of dare or challenges too. But if you do not think you can do the dare (pay the bet), don’t even be in one!

I hate it. I don't wanna play with you again.


So do you have one of those friends who like to play bets with you but never want to accept defeat when he/she loses??